Eco Friendly Pressure Washing Service

Our professional pressure washing service does more than just clean your property, it helps your business operate in the most eco friendly manner possible.

If you’re managing a gas station, public parking structure, or other commercial location with regular traffic from vehicles, then your property accumulates hydrocarbon deposits. During rainy weather, these hydrocarbon materials are washed off of your property and into storm drains or other run off areas. This is harmful to the environment, people, and animals. The State of California continuously releases new regulations which place strict limits on the amount of hydrocarbons your business is allowed to deposit into the environment. As a property owner or manager, you’re responsible for eliminating these pollutants and minimizing the amount of harmful materials which leave your property.

Environmentally Focused Commercial Pressure Washing

Our professional pressure washing service safely eliminates most hydrocarbons, and we’ve developed an effective system of recycling the water we use during pressure washing, and treating that water to remove hydrocarbons so it can be safely discarded. You will not find this capability in other commercial pressure washing services, and our unique skills and environmentally focused business model makes us unique from all other pressure washing services in Southern California. Our business’ vision is to protect the environment and help your business operate within California’s environmental guidelines for businesses.

Help Your Business Meet California’s Environmental Regulations

We protect the environment from pollutants, and we protect your business from fines and sanctions. We are well equipped to handle any pressure washing scenario, but we are also operate with an expert knowledge of all state requirements and regulations affecting businesses like fuel stations. Many of our clients are not aware of new and updated regulations, and by engaging in continuing education we are always up to date.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive set of standards to adhere to so they know exactly how to stay compliant. EPA fines can be substantial, and in severe cases fines may be applied retroactively, sensors may be installed in your facility to monitor hydrocarbons emissions, or water service may be turned off completely. If your facility is found to be in violation of state regulations then you may be red tagged by the state of California, and be subject to stringent inspections. Businesses which have been red tagged will be required to hire a service like Dr. Detail to meet environmental standards. Using our commercial pressure washing service now greatly reduces the risk of state fines and sanctions.

Making Your Business Green Now Protects You Going Forward

When you hire Dr. Detail to pressure wash your business and property you receive more than just a clean property, you receive insurance against state violations and ensure that your business is compliant with all environmental standards. We provide very focused customer service which explains your business’ environmental responsibilities in terms you can understand, giving you a clear understanding of how we play an important role in keeping your business safe, clean, and compliant.

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