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Commercial Pressure Washing Throughout Southern California

Dr. Detail provides unique pressure washing services, including pressure washing for fuel stations, pressure washing for parking structures, heavy industry pressure washing, and steam cleaning of equipment. We don’t just remove dirt, spills, and stains, we cleanse your property and reduce the amount of pollutants your business puts into the environment. We also wash speciality equipment such as compressed natural gas vehicles and natural gas compressors. We’re the only pressure washing service in Southern California which can treat the water used to clean your property, clarify that water of hydrocarbons, and make the water safe for disposal. Our service keeps your business in compliance with the ever increasing environmental regulations issued by the State of California, and all of our clients received documentation demonstrating their compliance. If you have questions about EPA requirements, please contact us.

Our service area covers all of Southern California and includes:

Los Angeles



San Diego

Long Beach

Redondo Beach

Newport Beach


Santa Monica

Santa Ana

And many more areas

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