Commercial Pressure Washing

Commercial Pressure Washing for Retail Locations and Parking Structures

Pressure washing is important for retail locations like shopping centers and malls. Parking lots experience vast amounts of traffic every year, and each vehicle gradually deposits debris onto the pavement which contains hydrocarbons. Not only does the dirt, grease, and debris appear unsightly and diminish the image of the location, but the hydrocarbons contained in the debris are harmful to humans and damaging to the environment. These hydrocarbons aren’t limited to the property either. During rainy conditions, the debris containing hydrocarbons is carried off the property and into storm drains leading to the ocean, or into natural soil in other areas.

Run off containing hydrocarbons is an increasing problem, and contributes greatly to the pollution of the environment in California. The state of California has extensive regulations in place requiring property owners to contain these hydrocarbons. Besides damaging the environment, these hydrocarbons are harmful to people using the property. Continuous exposure to the odors created by hydrocarbons may cause cancer in humans over time.

We Treat Your Property To Safely Remove Hydrocarbons

Just washing dirt and debris off your property doesn’t solve the problem, because that only sends the hydrocarbons elsewhere into the world. Our pressure washing service cleans any spills, debris, and other materials off your property. During this process, we recapture all the water used during cleaning. We recycle this water as we’re cleaning, clarifying the water of most hydrocarbons in the process. By using our service, your property will be in compliance with the most current California state regulations. We’ll also advise you of your obligations as a property owner, so you’ll understand how to avoid possible fines and actions from the state of California.

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