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Steam Cleaning Industrial Equipment – Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County

We provide steam cleaning of industrial equipment, including heavy equipment such as backhoes, tractors, and general construction equipment. Industrial equipment is built to withstand tremendous use, weather, and elements. No matter how rugged a vehicle or piece of equipment is it will still require periodic cleaning to keep it running smoothly and extend its lifespan.

Steam Cleaning Natural Gas Compressors

We provide careful steam cleaning to sensitive natural gas compressors. Increasing numbers of cities throughout Southern California such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Newport Beach, Santa Monica, Anaheim, Long Beach, Irvine, Santa Ana, Norwalk, and Redondo Beach, are using compressed natural gas vehicles (CNG vehicles) for public vehicles such as busses and service vehicles. Compressed natural gas vehicles are extremely efficient, and with over 250,000 in the United States already, we will continue to see their use increase throughout Southern California.

Each city using compressed natural vehicles has a natural gas compressor which needs periodic servicing and cleaning. Our steam cleaning service cleanses natural gas compressors to protect them from corrosion and keep them functioning safely and efficiently. Natural gas compressors can be up to 100 feet long, and cleaning these devices is very labor intensive. We also steam clean compressed natural gas vehicles such as busses, other public transportation, service vehicles, and more. Quarterly steam cleaning of compressed natural gas vehicles and equipment protects these vehicles from weather, elements, and corrosion, preserving the equipment for years.

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We’re an environmentally focused company, and our vision is to support green technologies and protect the environment by helping our clients practice environmental safety in their businesses. We strongly support the use of compressed natural gas as an alternative fuel source, and we’re proud to offer our steam cleaning service to clients incorporating CNG vehicles into their daily operations.

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