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Commercial Pressure Washing for Gas Stations – Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County

Pressure washing your fuel station will give your business a clean image and creates an environment which your customers will enjoy visiting. Pressure washing with hot water helps keep the ground and the pumps looking clean and feeling sanitary. Pressure washing alone does not address the issue of harmful hydrocarbons leaving your property and polluting the environment. Many more gas stations do not pressure wash or clean their stations at all, creating an environmental hazard and leaving the station susceptible to severe state sanctions, fines, and future inspections by the state of California.

Fuel stations expel large amounts of hydrocarbons into the environment. The continuous traffic from cars, as well as spilled gasoline, deposits harmful hydrocarbons into the concrete surfaces of fuel stations. During rainy weather these hydrocarbons and other harmful substances are washed off the property and into storm drains, soil, and other areas.

Pressure Washing Alone Won’t Limit Hydrocarbons

Simply pressure washing the concrete surfaces of the fuel station doesn’t address the run off of hydrocarbons. We recycle and reuse the water used during pressure washing. During this process we treat the water used to wash the fuel station, removing harmful hydrocarbons and making the water safe to be discarded. If your pressure washing service isn’t treating the water that leaves your property and removing hydrocarbons, then your station isn’t compliant with California environmental regulations. As the property owner, you’re responsible for limiting the amount of hydrocarbons expelled from your property. Failing to adhere closely to California environmental regulations can result in fines, sanctions, and inspections. Fines can even be assessed retroactively, and this can be very costly to businesses.

Our commercial pressure washing service helps to guard your business against these environmental issues. By using our service your fuel station will be clean and compliant with state standards. We’ll also provide you with documentation showing you’re making the necessary efforts to stay compliant, and we’ll advise you of any new regulations as they’re released so you’re always up to code.

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