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The most trusted pressure washing experts in Southern California. 


Keeping Your Business in California Green and Clean

Our commercial pressure washing does more than just clean your fuel station or business property, we carefully treat and recycle the water we use, safely removing dangerous hydrocarbons, and making water safe to be discarded.

The environmental protection agency is actively working to reduce the amount of hydrocarbons released into the environment in California. During the second half of 2015, over 80,000 EPA violations were given to people in California. Once your business has been awarded an EPA violation it will be monitored by the state, and it will be subsequently monitored closely for future violations. We are the only pressure washing service in Southern California able to remove hydrocarbons from water, recycle the water used during pressure washing, and clarify that water onsite so it can be safely discarded.

When you use our commercial pressure washing service your business receive the best service to stay compliant with EPA regulations, and you will receive documentation proving that you’re pursuing compliancy. Our service is your company’s best protection against fines, fees, and violations. Our company’s goal is protect the environment from hydrocarbons and guide your business to comply with the most current environmental regulations.

We’re a family owned company with many years of experience in the power washing market. Our unique ability to maintain any facility and our track record of satisfied customers make us an invaluable partner in the power washing field.

Our operation is focused on providing customers with responsive and polite service on every project. A high percentage of our business is from returning customers and referrals, allowing us to offer low prices to all customers. Each job is completed at a high level of quality using trustworthy professionals.

Dr. Detail Services is a full steam cleaning pressure washing company who understand the dynamics of the power washing market. With the many years of experience and cutting edge equipment we are able to deliver a level of work not found in other pressure washing providers in Southern California.

We believe the power washing market is expanding and we are uniquely positioned to successfully clean and preserve the appearance of your location while offering a professional job at an affordable price.

What We Do

Our cleaning process uses a combination of high pressure and high temperature water to clean your location. We treat your property carefully, and use only high quality detergents to help give that new clean appearance.

Why we’re the best choice for pressure washing services in Southern California

  • Having a vendor who is insured and EPA certified
  • Members of Power Washers of North America Organization (PWNA)
  • Having the ability to reclaim and dispose water used on site according to EPA regulations
  • Protect surfaces to save thousands of dollars over the cost of replacement of concrete
  • Convenience of having the maintenance performed overnight to prevent any disruption of daily business
  • Ability to deliver professional job and clean environment for patrons to shop

Happy Customers

“Working with Dr. Details pressure washing company has been an amazing experience over time. The staff and the operators are very friendly and professional. We loved working with them and look forward to many more years of professional relationship. AAA++++ kind of company. Don’t hesitate to give them a try”

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