Industrial Pressure Washing

Industrial Pressure Washing – Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County

Power plants, large manufacturing facilities, and industrial complexes have significant pressure washing requirements. Depending on the nature of their operations, these locations can create substantial amounts of debris, dirt, oils, and other byproducts which require a full time pressure washing service to keep the property clean, safe, and functioning properly.

Eliminate Dirt, Debris, and Contaminants

Large production facilities and industrial plants often have many activities which emit grease, oils, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, dust, and other debris. Most of these establishments aren’t designed to properly capture these materials and properly discard them. In some cases, without taking the appropriate measure these materials can run off the property and into the ocean, soil, or other parts of the environment. Depending on the nature of the debris, this can be very hazardous. The state of California has worked hard to regulate pollution, and if your operation isn’t properly containing its waste it may be subject to state penalties.

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Our industrial pressure washing service provides your operation with a full time cleaning professional on site to prevent run offs of harmful materials, to capture dirt, debris, and heavy metals, and to properly recycle any water used during the cleaning process and clarify that water, making it safe for disposal. This gives your operation a clean, safe, and EPA compliant location. When you use our industrial pressure washing service in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, and throughout Southern California, you’re doing your part in protecting the environment and preserving the earth

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